Cast Up A Highway


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. . . I'm amazed how you could find Scriptures to fit each stage of building a natural highway ~ and a spiritual highway."

EOD I look forward to sharing your book with others!

I have felt that spiritual desert you speak of, but now with starting a journal, I am sure I'll be able to re-capture my fellowship with our Father. . . . if this book blesses others as it has blessed me, then surely the impact is way beyond your widest dreams.


Everyone is enjoying the study!" (Their study group chose Cast Up A Highway for their Fall study.)

Ann from Estes

I just got the book!

I read it with tears in my eyes and that's amazing how God's word touched me. The book is just what I need right now! Mia


Just wanted to let you know, I really love your book! It is so clear and to the point, if people don't understand it, it's because the veil has not been lifted. I have a hard time pulling myself away from the book. . .

Sherry (Bought books for family and friends)

"Every day," saith the Lord, "every day is the right day, is the right time to get on that highway. Every day singing in the Spirit! No limits! There are no boundaries! Only opportunities on My highway! So stay on My highway! It's not like any other way. It's not like any other plan. It will not be directed by man, but it's been directed by Me-My Word, My will, My plan, and My highway! So take your place and take your stand in My plan! Stay on, stay in, stay full, and stay moving and believing on that highway to Me. For it is My presence, and it is My glory, and it is My leading that will bring you personally and corporately all the way through. All the way through! All the way over! All the way beyond and all the way out! All the way ahead!"

Feb 26, 2013 during the Global Alert Prayer Network, a prayer network of Lynne Hammond.

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I have been reading the book at night. . . and as I wrote before I am very impressed. I have always been a believer, but never thought about it as deeply as Mary does in her writing.


Thank you for your wonderful book. I am enjoying it already!


I keep getting drawn back to the book"