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Posted on January 25, 2020 at 4:30 AM

The Word teaches us to trust in Almighty God. Trust is the key to a satisfied, fulfilled, joy filled life. This morning I am thinking of a fast approaching project that the enemy is trying to use to build anxiety in me. We are replacing our kitchen, and we've lived here over 20 years. Who to choose? When to set it up? How can we get everythuing remved from our kitchen and packed up? We just finished that with the rest of the main floor to have it painted. Now we must decide what to keep from there and what to put back. (we had to empty everything to move furniture~ like china closet.} And the kitchen remodel date is zooming in. See~ anxiety wold have a perfect home here.

My challenge is to limit my focus to God, into whose hands I have put the kitchen ~ totaly? Yes, though in truth I admit it is a battle. The enemy wants to keep bringing up all that must be done. Then the evil trickster is messing with my email. This is my communication system with the contractor. so you  see how this evil one works. However, the more it attacks, the harder I stand against it. I know I serve a mighty God who is so much stronger than the enemy. Lord God lead and guide me through this time. Thank You. I trust You!

I settled it by making God my General Contractor. So anything that comes up, I put in His hands and leave it there knowing He will cause all things to come out well; and when I do, my shoulders are able to shake off the stress, and sleep is not interupted. vTrusting God has so many benefits!!



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