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A Walk on a Holy Night

Posted on December 22, 2016 at 7:50 AM Comments comments (0)

I took a little walk today; a walk down Bethl’em way.

Was dusk when I arrived, but noisy chatter was alive.

Many were searching shelter for the night; tired donkeys with heads hanging down

bearing well laden bags of many pounds.

I headed off to the south of town

and found a path on which to veer.

Continuing on until no longer

any noises could I hear. Then

T’was just the star studded sky and i.


A call for stillness halted my feet.

Raising my eyes brought the glory of the night

My heart began to quiet at the marvelous sight.

Sacredness, Oh Holy Night! Yes, it is so sweet!

Not too far off I see a small building;

It’s a stable occupied by more then just crttters.

Indeed leaning against a bale of hay sat a woman

just given birth to a special Son. He is the One.

Indeed a Son of the sweet and the bitter.


For this moment in time, He’s just a sleeping babe.

My eyes will not move from the tender face.

Silent and holy is this night of mine.

No pressure, tis not a race; no raucous laughter

But a holy space grabbed out of time

Beautiful scenes created by the skilled hands of Sharon Burke