Cast Up A Highway


About the Author and the Book

Being born in the mid-west back in the 'good old days' was a beautiful foundation. Two loving parents provided a life founded on God and His righteousness. We grew up learning to honor our parents and respect others in authority over us. We were allowed freedoms not possible for our kids today, for today presents a world too scary to allow the freedoms we had. The days of my youth were a superb time to grow up!

That God was my Father and loved me is a concept I knew~as a concept. It was not until 1996 that I met Him 'face to face'. Our relationship began to grow as He worked in me. Hours were enjoyed each morning in His Word, in His presence, developing our friendship and understanding. Trust was a key factor as He walked me through various trials and storms. He was and is always faithful! God's loving guidance will establish an indomitable inner highway for you too.

Attending church was also important to growth; the Word was poured regularly into my spirit by anointed teachings. Spiritual growth also increased through attending conferences and eventually leading classes, prayer groups and home groups all connected with the church.

This book, Cast Up A Highway actually began back in 2005 after the completion of chemo and radiation therapy for breast cancer. (The book does have a small section about this season in my journey.) The Lord began causing a series of encounters with several Scripture verses. These were Isaiah 62:10 and Isaiah 40:3. The call of these verses became strong and began to appear in daily readings, on TV, in emails, in songs I heard and they began to draw my spirit until I realized God had a plan here somewhere. . .

So the next step ~ was to call an engineer and ask him "How do you cast up a highway?" (Isaiah 62:10)

Once He revealed the steps, God began pouring Scriptures into me to fit each step. The result is a book of construction using God's powerful Word for direction. God wants all of us to be able to come to Him, to know Him and trust Him. Our life can be one of victory and joy when we follow God's construction plans and build a sturdy inner highway to Him.

Cast Up A Highway will step by step help you to create a sturdy inner core of faith. This spirit strength within will enable you to fearlessly face any kind of storm. God the Father, His Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit will aid you in constructing indomitable and steadfast supports in your life long journey. Basic Scriptural principles build one step at a time making it easy to put into practice.

Then Part II of Cast Up A Highway entitled Spirit Walk follows and provides 40 Days of meditation for highway maintenance. Once your highway to God is established, it must be sustained and extended as your relationship with our supreme God deepens.  

Neglect can leave it exposed to attacking elements of doubt and deception. So nurturing your relationship with God is a necessity for continuing a robust and resilient life journey of joy and victory.